SIRV Configurator (rotoscoper)

Use this tool to create hotspot coordinates over a series of frames.

Enter the URL of your spin file in the form below and fetch. You can view your complete spin in the text area below. Enter your desired configuration values (style and box coordinates) into the appropriate fields before beginning.

Below you'll find the first frame of your sequence. Scrub to your desired frame and click where you want your hotspot. This will automatically progress to the next frame. Repeat until finished. Your hotspot values can be found in the New Config text area.

Unfortunately, this tool currently only handles one hotspot at a time. Once you copy out the new config and add it to your file, reload this page and repeat the above steps for your next hotspot.

"I was trying to create numerous hotspots over a sequence of frames and decided to build this tool to quicken the process. I hope you find it useful!" —Sean Stoops.